31 Beauty Products That Are Both Easy And Quick To Use

If you’re looking for falsies people *love* (you’ve probably seen them on TikTok), try the Ardell wispies — you can get them from Amazon for $11.99. Some people cut them apart for that ~individual~ look.

Some reviewers mention removing the liner is a little difficult, but many reviewers agree using micellar water or a cleansing balm works!

Promising review: “What sorcery is this?! After years of trying to put on falsies, I gave up and opted for waterproof mascaras and eyelash growth serums. Of course, the mascaras and serums only did so much. Then the stars aligned, and I came across this eyeliner glue magic from the heavens! IT WORKS, FRIENDS! I apply two coats, and BAM! These babies stay on all day. I’ve worn lashes from Eyelure, KISS, and House of Lashes — all of them stayed put for over 12 hours, and they looked flawless. I even drove down the highway with the windows open, and they didn’t budge! I use a makeup remover balm from Good Molecules to remove my eye makeup, and it gently removes the lash glue, leaving the lashes ready for another day. I’m about to stock up on these before prices go up!! Both the black and clear work great.” —KareBear

Get the liner from Amazon for $8.49.

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