33 Home Products That Are Cheaper Than A Professional

33 Home Products That Are Cheaper Than A Professional

Go Hang It! is a father-daughter owned product started by their joint venture INSP!RED Product Development Group, which specializes in functional and stylish products inspired by their combined experience with engineering and design. 

Each kit includes MagneKeys, a detachable leveler, a hardware case, 6 D-ring hangers, an 8-foot picture hanging wire, 20 nails, 22 picture hooks for various weights, 24 self-tapping screws, and 12 single-notch precision hangers.

Promising review: “This handy little gadget is a lifesaver, time saver, and quite possibly even a marriage saver (jk!) when it comes to hanging pictures. We’ve been putting off hanging pictures for a year because we had freshly painted walls and I tried to hang ONE picture and wound up with too high uneven holes in the wall instead of our framed picture. I gave up and decided we didn’t need art on the walls. That is until I found the Go Hang It! In one afternoon we hung 15 pictures, mirrors, and canvases on our walls and every single one of them has only the number of holes needed for each piece, AND they are all at the perfect height! The little nail marker makes it impossible to mess up!” Jessica

Get it from Amazon for $36.95

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