33 Travel Items To Bring With You On A 10+ Hour Flight

This was a purchase I thought looong and hard about, and TBH I should’ve gotten it way sooner!! My bookshelf is juuust about full, and this was the perfect way to continue reading without adding the clutter of books in my home (especially the ones I have yet to read 😅). My favorite features are the anti-glare screen (a real game changer!) the easy dictionary look-ups, auto-saves so I don’t lose my place, and easy Bluetooth connection for when I want to read with an audiobook. The size is another huge plus because I can take it everywhere without feeling like I’m lugging something around. The text can be enlarged, too, so I don’t ever worry about straining my eyes. If you’re someone who buys physical books constantly, this will definitely save you a bit of money, too, since Kindle versions tend to be cheaper. So, it really is a great investment. 11/10, 5 stars, I highly recommend! 

Promising review: “I’ve seen so many TikTok videos on this Kindle, and I was very influenced to buy one, and I don’t regret it!! If you love reading, just get one. It’s a good purchase, and you can get thousands of books!! I have Kindle Unlimited, and it’s the best. Even without it, you can get books from your library and transfer them to your Kindle for free!!

The backlight is the best. It could be pitch black in my room, and even with my Kindle brightness all the way down I can still see just fine. Sometimes, it’s brighter than I need it to be, but it’s the best…The battery life is amazing. I charged it one time, and it lasted a whole week.” —Keturah Moten

Get it from Amazon for $99.99+ (available in two colors).

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