34 Products To Help Speed Up Your Morning Routine

34 Products To Help Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Here’s why BuzzFeed Shopping contributor Daniel Boan loves it:

“I 👏LOVE 👏THIS 👏STUFF. No, I don’t think you understand, I’m obsessed. So my skin is naturally pretty dry, and my allergies tend to make it even more itchy and irritated in the spring and winter. Unfortunately, I hate body lotion. I know I need it, but I despise the greasy and sticky feeling most of them leave behind. I randomly stumbled upon this on Amazon and was immediately intrigued by the fact that you apply it to wet skin and lightly towel dry afterward.

It takes a few uses to get over the strange sensation of applying lotion directly to wet skin, but once you do, it’s a game changer. Once you rub it on and then lightly pat dry, it feels like the lotion has immediately absorbed and leaves you with a soft but lightweight level of moisture. It’s honestly pure magic and has become a permanent staple in my post-shower routine.”

Get it from Amazon for $12.49 (available in two formulas).

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