34 Scandalous DNA Test Horrror Stories

34 Scandalous DNA Test Horrror Stories


“Where do I start? My mother was adopted. I always knew that. My parents divorced when I was six years old and my brother was three. My father remarried and had a daughter with his new wife…let’s call my half-sister Tina. Time goes on, like it does, we are all grown up. My mother passes away. Exactly four years later, on the same day, my father passes away. Tina and I begin to send texts and keep in touch now and then. One day Tina sends me a text and says that she took one of those DNA tests and thinks she found a half-sister of our father. She then tells me that she thinks she found a half-brother to us.”

“She sent a picture of the guy and he looks exactly like my father. My mind was blown. So, now I’m interested and want to know about my mother’s side of the family. I take a DNA test myself. A few weeks later I got an email saying my results were ready. I open it and don’t see anyone I know. I expected not to know most of it because my mother was adopted. But, my half-sister isn’t on my list of relatives. Neither is this half-brother she found. Turns out…my dad isn’t my dad!!!! Well, now what?!?!?!? Both of my parents are deceased so there is no one to ask questions!! I have reached out to a few people who are high on my list. I’ve been able to establish some of my mother’s side and a few distant relatives on what would be my father’s side. Still don’t know who my bio father is…not even close to knowing. So, I take a different DNA test to see if I match with anyone through that one. That one shows that I have nieces, and come to find out, my mother had two babies before she had me and my brother!! So, she had two children, and then got pregnant with me…told my dad I was his. So, I have a brother who turned into a half-brother, a half-sister who turned into a friend, a half-sister, and a half-brother who have no idea that I exist because it’s their kids that are on the DNA site, not them. So, yeah…go take a DNA test. Maybe you are related to me. Good luck!”


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