35 Things You’ll Be The First Of Your Friends To Own

The machine tracks your time, steps, calories, and speed. It can go up to 3mph! 

The images above are of my Egofit (and my sister-in-law using it because I refused to get out of my pajamas for a video). The image on the left is the walking pad with a standard coffee table book on it for scale. I’ll never be able to rave enough about this machine! The incline makes the footprint smaller and I think it makes walking in place a lot easier, even if it is adding difficulty to the workout. I use this throughout my entire workday (I’m on it this very second!). Since I starting using this I’ve felt drastic improvements in my energy, posture, and productivity…but maybe we should ask my boss about that last one.

Promising review: “This is easy to move around and store. I walk about four miles a day on it while I work at my standing desk. I’ve only had it for two months but it works great so far. I really like that it counts the time, calories, miles, steps, and speed! I’m glad I decided to splurge and buy this — it’s worth it.” —Jeff K.

Get it from Amazon for $399.

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