37 Red Flags To Look For In Job Interviews

37 Red Flags To Look For In Job Interviews

And finally, I’ll leave you with some tips…

“While waiting for an interview, look at other employees. How do they look? What do they do? What do they speak about? Do they look happy (well, content), friendly, or run as if a wasp nest is behind them? Ask a question at reception, like, ‘Where is a toilet?’ and see how they respond.”


“Also, see what the toilets look like. It they are careful with their employees well-being, the toilets will be clean and comfortable (I know because the washroom is where I spend most of my time at work).”


“Ask about how they handled the COVID pandemic. No matter your viewpoints on that topic, how they answer will give you good insight on how they treat people.”


“’What’s your salary expectation?’ Never, ever answer that. And as an insider, let me tell you they will ask several times in several ways, and they will pretend to be angry, hurt, offended, puzzled… They might even insult you…but never ever answer that question. If they aren’t telling you what they expect to pay, there’s a reason. Small or big companies, all are the same on this.”


“In trade school, they always told us to put [salary range] as ‘Negotiable,’ and if they ask us in person make sure to keep it consistent and say that you’re open to consideration and to keep the ball in their court. Until they’re willing to give you an idea of what you’re worth or could be worth to them, there’s no reason to give them serious consideration.”


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