42 Items To Add To Your Home Because Your House Isn’t Any Old House, It’s A Cool House

Promising review: “If you’re even considering doing it, JUST DO IT!! I can’t even begin to tell you how easy this was, and the end result is mind-blowing! When people come over (we’re remodeling our newly purchased home built in 1865), their jaws drop. We put this in the sunroom/eat in kitchen area. We love it so much we’ll be doing it in the bar area of the dining room. 

When you actually get them on the ceiling and look at your finished product, you’d never guess it’s styrofoam. Caulking between the tiles was crucial to giving its overall look. That was the most difficult part. My advice (from watching hours of YouTube videos and doing research) is to find the center of the ceiling and work your way out. It took us two hours to do a fairly large space. We definitely overestimated how many it would take, but I’m glad we had extra on hand in case we messed one up. Also — make sure your blade is SHARP!” —Steven

Get it from Amazon for $119.63+ (for a pack of 48; available in eight colors and larger pack sizes).

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