44 Affordable “Shark Tank” Products That’ll Make Everyday Life A Little Easier

44 Affordable "Shark Tank" Products That'll Make Everyday Life A Little Easier

They’re made by an Asian-owned small business that has made DIY amigurumi — that’s what these handmade yarn creatures are called — super simple and accessible. 

The kit includes everything you need to have success, and you can always get extra email support too: yarn, stuffing, plastic eyes, an already-started piece of crochet material, a stitch marker, a needle, a PDF pattern download, a carrying bag, and an optional crochet hook

My colleague Katy Herman loves these kits; here’s what she says about them:

“After writing about this awesome biz many times, I was finally influenced to try them for myself — which is a huge vote of confidence for anyone who knows me, considering I am very lazy, not particularly artistically inclined, and my “hobbies” primarily rhyme with Schmetflix. However, I have now made four Woobles and purchased several more! The videos are suuuuper detailed so like they promise, anyone can learn to crochet with them. Once you get the hang of it, it’s so soothing and hard to stop, and it becomes — get this — a great thing to do with your hands while watching said Schmetflix! And of course, the finished products are so, so cute and great to keep for yourself or give as gifts. I made the rainbow version of this dino for my boyfriend and it honestly might be the cutest one I’ve ever made. The spikes and arms were really fun to do, too!”

Promising review: “Fred was the first thing I ever crocheted. I decided to give Woobles a try after my daughter made several Woobles animals. It was very easy to get started and the videos were very easy to follow. I’m so happy with Fred and plan on making him a tiny birthday hat and gifting him to my 3-year-old for his birthday.” —Tiffany Z.

Get it from The Woobles for $30. Find more animals here.

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