90 Day Dinner Friendship Tip From TikTok Explained

But if you don’t have local friends whom you can call for a 90-Day Dinner, Becca also explained how she recently made a virtual dinner with a few long-distance friends. “So one of us called a 90-Day recently, and we hopped on FaceTime [right after she asked for the 90-Day], and chatted, and I was like, ‘I’ll take notes what you’re reflecting on’ because that can be helpful to have, in her own words, what she was feeling at that time,” she said.

“And, for this group, we’re actually going to be together in person on her 90-Day. However, if we weren’t going to be in the same place for this, I was going to suggest that we should just get the same frozen meal from Trader Joe’s, and I’ll have it at the same time on FaceTime because the beautiful thing about processed food is that there is consistency in flavors, so it’s kind of unifying in that way.”

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