Affordable Target Suitcase Resembles Away

Affordable Target Suitcase Resembles Away

“Great carry-on. Rolls well, and has full zipper for clothes on half with another zipper for delicates. Plus, I love the light blue color.” —Ellesclosetfinds

“My new FAVORITE suitcase. I LOVE this suitcase! The hard shell keeps your stuff protected, and I love the amber color and the sleek handles that lay flat along the side and top. It rolls and spins nicely and has a nice long pull-out handle that is long enough for a 5’10” woman. It’s small enough to be carry-on, but holds a lot! I was able to fit four pairs of pants, two sweatshirts, four tank tops, socks, underwear, toiletries, makeup, hair stuff, chargers, a light jacket, and two pairs of shoes inside without unzipping the extra thickness. I also like that on the inside there’s a zippered cover on one side, and an elastic clip on the other side to hold everything securely in place.” —echyMom

“Perfect carry-on. I ended up picking this color because it was on sale, and I’m so glad I did — it’s so cute! I had no issues traveling with this as a carry-on this weekend (although I did have to turn it sideways on a couple of flights due to the height). I had this thing packed full, and it seemed super durable, especially the zippers!” —D

“Fantastic suitcase. Fits perfectly in the overhead compartment as carry-on luggage and easy to wipe and clean any scuff marks.” —Amanda N.

“It’s held up, taken on several trips. I think for the price, it’s a nice piece of luggage and reliable so far.” —Jgil

“Perfect carry-on bag. This was a gift for my 8-year-old for Christmas, and she loves it. I love how it has a zipper compartment inside.” —Mich On The Mix

“Really nice. A really good option. Nice color, useful, and comfortable. Highly recommended.” —Nice

“Perfect travel companions. This luggage set is a true gem! The stylish design caught my eye, but it’s the functionality that truly impressed me.” —AdamTown

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