Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are up 55 percent off

Amazon is back at it today and following up on yesterday’s fire sale of the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8. If you’re interested in an even more affordable option, the Echo and Echo Dot are up to 55% off today.

The Amazon Echo 4th gen and 5th gen are smart speakers that are designed to take on various tasks, such as playing music, controlling smart home devices, and answering questions. The primary difference between the two models is the design. The 4th gen Echo has a spherical design, while the 5th gen has a more traditional cylindrical shape.

Both the 4th and 5th gen Echos come with a range of features, including improved sound quality, Alexa voice assistant support, and built-in Zigbee hub to control smart home devices. The 5th gen Echo also includes a built-in temperature sensor and can monitor the temperature of your home.

The Echo Dot 3rd gen is a smaller, more compact version of the Echo. It also comes with Alexa voice assistant support and can perform similar tasks to the larger Echos. However, it has a less powerful speaker and is designed primarily as a device to interact with Alexa and control smart home devices. It also has a lower price point compared to the larger Echos, making it a more affordable option for those looking to get started with smart home technology.

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Source: Amazon Canada

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