Anne Rice’s Vampire Spinoff, Night Island, Finds its Writer

Girl what kind of interview is this?
Image: AMC

In the Anne Rice universe, Night Island is a special place for vampires: a haven of sorts, where all their needs are taken care of. AMC had previously announced a spinoff series featuring the supernatural spa town, but has now released a little more information—namely that Jonathan Ceniceroz, one of the writers for Interview With the Vampire, will be writing the series.

Scheduled to premiere in late 2023, Night Island will be a six-part series with “short-form” episodes, which will likely be about 10-15 minutes. Drawing from descriptions and plot points noted in Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire and The Queen of the Damned, Night Island will follow a pair of burglars as they attempt to steal a painting rumored to be on the island, not knowing that the island is home to a coven of vampires.

All of this—from the location to the plot—points to Armand. A 500-year-old vampire, Armand is one of the most chaotic goblin creatures in the series, and in the books he ran Night Island for decades. Armand would frequently kidnap his lover/favorite human, Daniel Molloy, and sequester him on the island for months at a time. Every time Molloy attempted to run away, he would (eventually) return or be returned to Night Island.

Armand is also well known as one of the great art lovers of the series, and when he appeared in Interview With the Vampire his apartment was covered in well-known and famous paintings, including Rembrant’s Storm on the Sea of Galilee, a painting that was (in real life) notoriously stolen from a museum in 1990 and remains missing to this day.

Night Island will premiere in late 2023 across all AMC streaming platforms.

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