Bobby Berk’s Husband: Meet The Queer Eye Host’s Love Interest

Want to know about Bobby Berk’s husband? Yes, we are talking about Netflix’s Queer Eye host, who is currently making headlines for sharing his opinion- “Good design is good for the mind.” Do you agree with this? Keeping this aside, fans are lately showing their curiosity concerning what’s going on in Bobby’s love life. Well, he is very much taken and is much open about his sexual orientation. Before further discussion, let’s briefly discuss Bobby Berk’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Bobby Berk is professionally an interior design expert. That’s the reason why he is on the aforesaid show. Born in 1981, Bobby hails from Houston, Texas. To date, he has appeared on various shows, including- Alexa & Katie, Masked Singer, Blown Away, and Big Mouth. 

Not everyone knows Bobby Berk also worked with the Love Story singer. Yes, we are talking about none other than Taylor Swift. Such has been his popularity. He appeared on her 2019 music video of the song- You Need To Calm Down. If you haven’t watched it yet, check out the video attached below.  Talking about Bobby Berk has stores in various parts of the world, including SoHo, Midtown Atlanta, and Midtown Miami. 

Bobby Berk’s husband: Dewey Do (CC: Elite Daily)

Coming back to Bobby Berk’s personal life, the Queer Eye star is in a long-time relationship. Yes! He is married too, following which his fans are very much interested in who the person is. What do you think? Well, the love birds are often spotted together, sharing kisses and holding hands in public. Who is he? If you are looking for who Bobby Berk’s husband is, here is what we know. 

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Meet Bobby Berk’s Husband: Who Is He?

Talking about his love interest, Bobby Berk’s husband is Dewey Do. Who is he? In case you are wondering about his identity, Dewey Do is professionally a maxillofacial surgeon. 

Well, Bobby Derk has not yet provided any detail about his marriage with Dewey Do. However, he once shared that they got hitched by one of their mutual friends, who was ordained. He further added saying that their marriage was needed as the couple wanted to show the world their pride through their expression of love. 

Bobby Berk and his husband, Dewey Do, used to live together in New York City earlier. To be more, they stayed there for 15 long years and later relocated to Los Angeles. That was right, three months of getting involved with the Netflix show. 

Discussing more about it, Dewey Do never wants to be a single parent. That has been reported by the interior designer. So, having kids are there in their next five-year plan. But, as of now, they don’t share any children.

Who Is Bobby Berk's Husband
Bobby Berk and Dewey Do are doing great as a couple (CC: Elite Daily)

On the other hand, Bobby Derk’s husband, Dewey, seems to be very much supportive of him. At various events, they are spotted together, cheering up for one another. That’s a great sign of a healthy relationship. No exact date or timing of their marriage is known. However, it is reported that Bobby married the love of his life, Dewey, a long time ago. 

Concerning what keeps them going as a couple is nothing but their love for traveling. Yes, Bobby and Dewey love to explore different parts of the world together. Some of those places are Costa Rica, Cambodia, Venice, and Maui. In short, things are going great between Bobby and Dewey. 

Best Wishes to Bobby Derk for the upcoming days of his life. Make sure you follow this Queer Eye host on his Instagram account for more relevant updates. We are hopeful that his relationship with Dewey stay strong forever like this. It would be great if the interior designer revealed a bit more about his husband to the public. 

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