Brooks Ghost 14 Sneakers For Mature Women

Had they… cloned themselves? While such technology would certainly be an exciting development for this shopping enthusiast, the answer was much more predictable. It turns out my mom and my daughters’ nanny — both active older women in their 60s — rely on the exact same pair of Ghost 14 running shoes to stay light on their feet while they garden, run after kids (and grandkids), and do a whole lot of walking.

My mom, who has undergone bunion surgery and has hammer toes, told me that she likes that the shoes are available in wide widths to accommodate her custom orthotics. She finds the toe box roomy and well-constructed enough to comfortably accommodate her feet. (She’s actually on her second pair; the first lasted her almost four years before she needed to replace them a little under a year ago.) While there are a whopping 39 colors available on Amazon, she chose the navy combination on the basis that it felt “a little snazzy” while still complementing a lot of her clothes. “I wear them every day,” she told me, “and I do a fair amount of walking.”

Speaking of walking: I personally don’t know many women in their 60s who log quite as many miles as my kids’ nanny, who estimated that she walks at least 45 minutes every day just commuting from our home to hers, not even taking into account the steps she takes shuttling my kids to and from the playground or the library every day. She told me that her Ghost 14s are “very soft inside” with room for toes and bunions and a higher, supportive heel. “Some shoes look nice, but inside [your feet will be] hurting a lot. These shoes are the best,” she explained. “Getting old, shoes is important.”

According to Brooks’ website, the brand has been making the style since 2008, and named it for a product director who earned the nickname “the Ghost” thanks to his preference for nighttime jogs. The shoe is known for its signature cushioning, which provides firm support without — in their words — “feeling squishy,” and a midsole that evenly absorbs the impact of your foot no matter how it lands.

If you’d like to read up on the sneakers’ performance, we’ve rounded up some promising reviews — or you can just go ahead and add these shoes to your cart to stay light on your feet all summer long.

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