Calling All Women Travelers: Tell Us Your Solo Trip Tips

Calling All Women Travelers: Tell Us Your Solo Trip Tips

Calling All Women Travelers: Tell Us Your Solo Trip Tips

For the girls who want to have an Eat, Pray, Love type of trip without being scared, nervous, and sweaty.

Simply existing as a woman is (unfortunately) terrifying all the time. I don’t particularly look forward to placing my car keys in between my knuckles while I’m walking through a dark parking lot at night, but if cosplaying as Wolverine keeps me safe, then I’m all for it.

Beyond just normal day-to-day livin’, traveling as a woman can be even more treacherous. Going on a solo trip has the potential to be fun and rewarding, but I can’t enjoy my own personal Eat, Pray, Love experience unless I make sure that I’m protecting myself from possible dangers during my travels.

As a single girl with big dog privilege, bringing my Great Dane mix along on vacation feels a whole lot safer than just me, myself, and I. Setting a dog-friendly destination for a trip is a win for me when it comes to security because I’m certain that no creep or criminal would dare to enter my proximity while there’s a looming threat of getting trampled by a 100-pound horse-dog.

If I can’t travel with my dog, then I have to be more vigilant in my lone voyage. Before I even leave for my trip, I make sure to share my location with the besties and check in with them periodically so someone I trust will know right away if something has gone wrong. I’m extra mindful of my surroundings and the situations I put myself in. If I’m road-tripping and driving through the night, I never stop at a sketchy gas station at 2 a.m. “Fill the tank and don’t exit the vehicle until sunrise” is a HARD rule.

I want to hear from the women of the BuzzFeed Community! What are your solo travel tips for the girlies?

Maybe you have tips for staying safe in a hotel or an Airbnb? Are there red flags to look out for when booking a place? Maybe you have advice to help with feeling comfortable while staying somewhere overnight? Personally, since they charge per night and not per guest, I always put a friend’s name on the reservation as well so it’s not obvious to any creepy employees that I’m staying by myself.

Do you have any suggestions for how to interact with strangers that may bother you? If anyone asks, I have a bodybuilder husband who is 6’4″ and on the way. Or, maybe you swear by keeping pepper spray or a taser on you as an extra level of safety?

I want to hear all of the creative, clever, and helpful solo travel tips for women, from women. Let us know in the comments or by using this anonymous form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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