Check out the Material You revamp of Google’s At a Glance widget

Google has been working on a revamped version of its ‘At a Glance’ widget for non-Pixel smartphones.

For those unfamiliar, the At a Glance widget is a small widget that occupies the top-left corner of the home screen on Pixel phones. As the name implies, it shows lots of information at a glance, including weather, the date, upcoming calendar events, flight information, ongoing timers and more.

It’s a handy little widget for sure, but people who don’t use Pixel phones miss out. There is an At a Glance-style widget for other phones, but it’s an older version of the Pixel widget that just isn’t as good. However, that’s set to change soon.

App tinkerer ‘AssembleDebug’ shared a video on the website formerly known as Twitter showcasing the refreshed At a Glance widget with Material You themes. The new widget comes in three flavours; one with a solid background, one with an outline and one with a transparent background. The widget is pill-shaped, and the colours change to match your wallpaper. It’ll also switch between dark and light mode, depending on your system settings.

Android Police notes that the widget takes up more space than the Pixel phone variant while also showing less detailed information. While that might be a bummer for some, the modern, Material You look more than makes up for it, in my opinion. I hope the Pixel variant gets its own Material You update soon.

Unfortunately, it remains unclear when Google will launch the revamped widget. However, with it being fully functional, it seems like a release could be imminent.

Source: AssembleDebug (X) Via: Android Police

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