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We received such great feedback on our episode about disappointment last month that we decided to continue the conversation, but with a different anime-related slant. We invited Christina Kelly, whom you may know as the voice behind characters like Shiipon (Akiba Maid War), Mine (Akame ga Kill), and Koko (Golden Time), onto the podcast to discuss what the auditioning process in voice acting is like and how she deals with the reality of frequent rejection in the industry. Come join Paris, Mike, and guest host, Twwk, as they interview Christina about those topics, cosplay, and more on episode 15 of the Tangle x Cast!

0:00 Introduction and catching up
12:36 Game—I’m Weird
16:25 Interview with Christina Kelly
27:06 Interview—Auditions, rejection, and authenticity
41:05 Interview—Your authentic self
45:49 Interview—Cosplay and social media
49:24 Cast Question
50:23 Closing

Cast Question

How well do you handle rejection or setbacks?

Podcast Links

  • We’re so excited to have Christina Kelly join us in this episode! She’s voiced tons of characters in anime. Go follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok to see not only VA stuff, but cute animal videos, cosplay, and, let’s be honest, much sass.
  • Christina has lots of insights and thoughts to share that we didn’t get to in this interview. Please also check out our past article, video interview, and recent, quick catch-up with her for more!
  • Want to visit with Christina in person? She mentioned that she’ll be Animazement in Raleigh next!
  • That’s Macy Anne Johnson as Shikimori kicking off our podcast episode! Follow Macy on Twitter and check out this interview we conducted with her.
  • Tyler is out for the month, but he’ll be back in June. In the meantime, check out the panel he delivered (and which he referenced in a past episode) at this year’s Kawaii Con in Hawai’i. Paris and Twwk show up in the interviews he plays in the panel!
  • Soon after the episode, Paris and Christina got together to do that photoshoot of Sailor Pluto and Sailor Chibi Moon they mentioned! We posted a few photos below, but you’ll see far more on Christina’s Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts and on Instagram and Tiktok for Paris. These balloon cosplays were made by Balloon Josh (TikTok, Instagram) and photographed at the Houston-Bellaire Aqua S.
  • Check out all the other things that Mike, Paris, Tyler, and Dennis (our editor and the fourth member of the Tangle x Cast team) are doing.

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