College Admissions Officers Share Reasons They’ve Rejected Applicants

College Admissions Officers Share Reasons They've Rejected Applicants


“I’m a college financial aid counselor in the US who works with our admissions staff. Some students don’t realize that if you receive federal student aid at one school, other schools can see this on various national databases, like the National Student Loan Data System. Several years ago, a high school student with decent grades was selected for additional documents. She completed the process but just seemed off. During our awarding process, we discovered that she attended prior schools and received aid; several years’ worth. That right there — lying on the admissions app — is enough to get the boot. The real shocker is that she was 26.”

“She was lying not only about school but also about her age. She said she was 18 on the app. She came in to see about her package, and we directed her to her admissions adviser. She said, ‘OK, I’ll be right back!’ I said, under my breath, ‘Oh, no, you won’t.’

Following up with admissions, I asked how it went. The counselor said, ‘Good, right up until she started crying and walked out.’ So, transfer students, do not lie or leave out info about prior attended schools on your app — we will find out.”


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