Ends tomorrow: Google Pixel Watch is $70 off at Best Buy

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Smartwatches are a great companion to our day-to-day lives, making things like answering calls or listening to music much more convenient. While the space has mostly been dominated by the likes of the Apple Watch and the Samsung Watch, Google recently jumped into the poo of smartwatches with the Google Pixel Watch. Luckily, you can grab it with a great deal from Best Buy that brings it down to $330 from $400.

Why you should buy the Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch is exactly what you’d expect from the first entry into the industry from Google, and that means that while the overall design and fit are great, some lacking features might bother you. For example, the watch only comes in one size, which is 41mm, and while that will likely be fine for most folks, those who prefer a bigger screen are somewhat left out. Even so, that’s balanced with a very comfortable smartwatch, which is easily one of the most important things Google needed to get right. In the same vein, while the Fitbit app is very comprehensive, it is missing features we see on competitor watches, such as the temperature sensor on the Apple Watch 8 or the body composition reading on the Galaxy Watch 5.

Luckily, a recent Pixel Watch update added fall detection, which many folks worry about, especially as they get older or live alone. As for the battery, it’s somewhat of a mixed bag, being quite power-hungry with sleep tracking, meaning if you want to get almost two days of charge, you’ll need to switch that feature off. Otherwise, with the face always on and all the tracking running, you’re likely looking at 24 hours, give or take, so you’ll certainly have to take it off to let it charge.

The Google Pixel Watch is a smartwatch made of compromises in that it’s a great watch if you don’t mind missing out on a couple of features here and there, and for the $330 deal Best Buy is offering, it mitigates some of those issues. On the other hand, if you feel that it’s just one compromise too far, then it’s worth looking at some of these other smartwatch deals for something that might work better for you.

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