Everything That Has Resurfaced About Russell Brand Since Dispatches

Everything That Has Resurfaced About Russell Brand Since Dispatches

“So am I going to put my mortgage on the line by saying who this person is or entering into any conversation?” she added. “Like, we’ve seen what happens to people who talk about alleged predators.” 

“I mean, it’s not really my story to tell, nobody has perpetrated any sexual assaults against me,” Katherine clarified in the interview. “But this person — I believe very strongly and a lot of people believe very strongly, it’s an open secret — is a perpetrator of sexual assault. And I, in front of loads of people in the format of the show, said this to this person’s face that they were a predator. Again and again.”

But none of these confrontations made it to air, with Katherine claiming that producers cut her comments from the prerecorded show. 

And echoing what Daniel Sloss said in the Dispatches special, Katherine shared: “We talk about this. This is what female comics, and probably actresses and people in my industry, talk about all the time because that’s the safest way for us to talk about it.”

When Louis asked if there was a chance that the allegations against the unnamed person were not credible, Katherine replied: “No. They’re really credible. Every time these things are eventually proven; you look at Bill Cosby, you look at Harvey Weinstein, you look at… The unmentionable British personality, everybody knew. They say, ‘well everybody knew.'”

Katherine has not publicly acknowledged the Times or Deadline’s recent reports, and BuzzFeed has contacted her rep for comment. 

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