Ex-Best Friends Reveal “Real Reason” Behind Their Friendship Breakup

Ex-Best Friends Reveal "Real Reason" Behind Their Friendship Breakup

“Anyway, I moved overseas and received a save the date for their wedding. but the invitation never showed up. He reached out asking if I was coming and was shocked I hadn’t got the invitation as he wanted me there but it was too late to make arrangements and a long way to travel. I received an email from him while he was on his honeymoon telling me how jealous he was of me and my career and new life overseas. I traveled back to see family and friends a little while later and tried to make arrangements to see him but he was ‘too busy…’ I was literally in the same building as him visiting old colleagues. I’m convinced his wife is the reason my invitation got lost in the mail and that it all came out on the honeymoon and now he can’t look me in the face.”


“Its so weird to me how someone gets in a relationship and just disappears from their friend group. Like its so weird. Don’t ever fully invest into your significant other. Always leave some time for your close friends.”


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