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Next week, the live-action adaptation of One Piece finally sets sail, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say it has a lot to live up to. Eiichiro Oda’s shonen series has grown in popularity (and length) over the years, and this show is coming off the back of a recent theatrical movie and some substantial events that have happened over in its anime series. Not to mention that the track record of live-action remakes has been…not terribly great, even ignoring Netflix’s own contribution to this trend.

But ahead of the show’s release next week, social media impressions for One Piece have hit, and it sounds like it’s pretty good. Those who’ve seen it have been pleasantly surprised to find it enjoyable, particularly those whose experience with the series is minimal or entirely nonexistent. Its cast and dedication to the source material have been touted as particular high points, which is just as well given how hard Netflix has worked to sell them as the real deal that viewers will want to see inhabit the role for multiple seasons. As you can see in tweets below, it sounds like the show longtime fans could hope for, and will also do its job in bringing along newcomers.

This roundup, which includes reactions for major studio projects, was published during the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of writers and actors currently on strike, the films and TV celebrated here by fans wouldn’t exist.

One Piece’s first season hits Netflix this Thursday, August 31.

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Elements photos

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