How Do Fans Think The Spongebob Characters Died?

How Do Fans Think The Spongebob Characters Died?

Content warning: this theory is extremely dark and explicitly references suicide. 

“The story was posted [by] an anonymous user from 7chan’[s] /x/paranormal forum,” the theory begins. 

They go onto say that “The user describes how, while being an intern for Nickelodeon, he and a few other people were requested to watch a copy of the episode ‘Fear of the Krabby Patty’. Instead, the title read ‘Squidward’s Suicide’ but, thinking of the episode being some morbid joke shared by the animators, they decided to continue with the task at hand.

The episode begins with the title card of ‘Squidward’s Suicide’ before the camera pans to Squidward playing his clarinet horribly. He is soon interrupted by SpongeBob and Patrick laughing outside his home. Squidward aggressively tells them both to quiet down as he is practicing for a concert which, sadly, goes wrong for him. However, as the crowd booed him for his horrendous performance, they all seem[ed] to have red eyes similar to that of a fish in real life, including SpongeBob and Patrick themselves.”

The entry then theorises that, shamed by the crowd, Squidward ends his own life before the group. Grisly, grisly stuff (and again, very much not canon). There is also absolutely no reason to believe this story came from an ex-Nickelodeon intern, and lots of reasons to believe it didn’t, IMO.

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