HP Reverb G2 virtual reality headset is $150 off today


VR headsets have really boomed in the past couple of years, and a lot of it is due to the more budget-friendly headsets, which fall in the $300 or $500 range. One great example is the Reverb G2 V2, which brings a few big improvements while also going for just $449 on HP’s website rather than the usual $599.

Why you should buy the HP Reverb G2 V2

What really makes the HP Reverb G2 V2 stand out is the visual clarity for the price. While it won’t beat out something like the Valve Index in resolution, the Reverb manages a very impressive 2160 x 2160 resolution panel per eye, meaning that it even beats out something like the Quest 2’s 1832×1920 per eye. The V2 also brings in a lot more cameras for tracking, which is very obvious given the wider tracking field that reaches just below your waistline and about eye level. Again, it won’t beat something like the Index with its base stations, but it’s impressive for something that will cost you less than $500. That said, you will miss out on stuff like full-body tracking, which might be important for VR chat.

Another important thing for VR chat and other social apps is having capacitive touch on the controllers, which the Revervb G2 V2 sadly does not. That also means you’ll have to remap a lot of games since most of them expect your VR headset to have it. That said, if you don’t do a lot of social VR chatting or just want an excellent headset for playing PC VR games, then you aren’t losing much, and luckily, tracking accuracy is excellent. One thing to note is that this isn’t a self-contained headset like the Quest 2, so you will need a considerably hefty desktop computer, likely something with an RTX 3080 or better. However, you can still get by with less powerful stuff if you don’t mind running the Reverb at its full potential.

Picking a good VR headset can be difficult, especially since the tech is still relatively nascent and is all about compromises with hefty price tags. Even so, the Reverb G2 V2 offers the best clarity for the $449 price tag you can get on HP’s website. While you’re at it, it’s worth taking a look at some great gaming PC deals to go with your Reverb G2 V2, and if you decide to go for the Quest 2, maybe take a look at our dive into the Meta Quest 3 vs. the Meta Quest 2, and whether it’s worth waiting for the former.

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