“I Decided To See What Having Poison Ivy Was Like…” And 15 Other Silly Things We Did When We Were Kids

“I Decided To See What Having Poison Ivy Was Like…” And 15 Other Silly Things We Did When We Were Kids

“I Decided To See What Having Poison Ivy Was Like”, And 15 Other Silly Things We Did As Kids

“I fell directly into a big bush of stinging nettles, which thankfully broke my fall somewhat.”

We all do silly things when we’re growing up, but these kinda dumb things are pretty funny to look back on once we’re on the other side of childhood.

So, here 16 very silly and stupid things we did as kids…

1. “I used to do gymnastics and one time our teacher was guiding us through a backflip.”

2. “I put my pinky in a pencil sharpener and turned it.”

3. “I’d seen those movies where people tie bedsheets together and climb out of their window to sneak out at night.”

4. “In year seven (11-12 years old), me and my friend were playing tennis at school and I kept getting hit in the face. She told me to hold the tennis racket in front of my face so it wouldn’t get hit.”

5. “When I was really little, maybe three, I found a wasp laying on the sidewalk, presumably dead.”

6. “When I was in fifth grade, my friend and I decided to see what having poison ivy was like…”

7. “Not me, but my aunt… My mom was jumping up and down on the bed, and my aunt was pretending to smoke a cigarette with a nail.”

8. “At school, I tried to scare my friends by *pretending* to drink the plastic cup of ink we were using for our art lesson.”

9. “I stuck a rock up each nose so that I couldn’t breathe during snack time.”

10. “One time my friend was doing the whole ‘put an ice cube on your lip’ thing.”

11. “In kindergarten, I stabbed my hand with a pencil just to see what would happen and I still have a scar from it.”

12. “When I was really young (like five maybe), I was fascinated by the way melted wax pools in a candle, and I wanted to touch it and see what happened.”

13. “I put my pinky in a stapler hoping to be able to wrap a staple around it.”

14. “I watched Jackass as a kid and was instantly inspired.”

15. “I once climbed the (very unstable and not secured into place) shelves full of art supplies like a ladder to reach the construction paper on top.”

16. When I was in the first grade, my mom would pack my school lunch, and it almost always included pudding cups.”

What is the silliest thing you did as a kid? Let us know in the comments below!

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