I Ranked Shakira’s Top 20 Music Videos

I Ranked Shakira's Top 20 Music Videos

She has so many videos to choose from, and while narrowing them down was hard, I decided to make a top 20 list.

Before we get into it, I do have some Honorable Mentions because there were so many videos that I couldn’t cover them all: 

Beautiful Liar” by Beyoncé ft. Shakira — This is technically a Beyoncé song (on her B’Day album) so I couldn’t add it to the list, but this video… Who is who?! Truly, that dance break toward the end will have you wondering.

TQG” by Karol G ft. Shakira — I really wanted to feature this song, but alas, it’s technically a Karol G song. It’s got a Truman Show reference, and it’s a collaboration sprouted from the two being scorned by their ex-partners — and yes, I learned the dance to this as well. 

Las de la Instuicion” The 2007 video is very dated. Shakira wears a short purple wig and dances behind a large sheet of what seems to be saran wrap. It’s fun and quirky, even if you don’t recognize Shakira as the pop star that she is now. 

OK — let’s get into this list. 

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