If you’ve cancelled your Netflix, the streaming service wants you back

If you’ve left Netflix recently because of its new password-sharing policies, you might get a new email from the streaming service. It looks like Netflix is sending emails to some of its previous customers, trying to get them to rejoin the service.

The service seems to try and get you back by targeting one of the shows you would watch.

This isn’t the strangest behaviour for the service, as we’ve seen carriers like Bell, Telus and Rogers do the same thing in the past. However, when the telecoms try and get you back, they offer users a deal. It looks like Netflix isn’t even offering its users a new join-back deal and instead is trying to tempt them with the new $5.99 ad tier.

On February 28th, MobileSyrup conducted a survey where we found that out of around 6,900 users, 46 percent of them left the service, which means that many people will be getting this new email.

Source: Sal Di Vittorio

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