Jinx Chapter 22 Preview: Kim Dan Stood Up For What Was Right

Jinx Chapter 22

Jinx Chapter 22 will take us to the next part of the manhwa, where Jaekyung gets acquainted with Kim’s grandmother. A development that was impossible to predict, given how things have been in this series for a long time. And Kim is rightfully confused by this as he has no idea how to react to this development; not even the audience knows.

Some might find the moment Kim stood up for himself and released himself from Jaekyung to be comforting. It was an odd sensation to watch the timid physiotherapist finally take a stand for a thing that he did care about. It also cemented the fact that all he does is make sure his grandma gets the best treatment she can.

Were it not for that, he would have fallen into depravity, and we would have had a tragedy on our hands. Luckily that didn’t happen, and though the outcome may have been unexpected, and is charting on unknown territory. It will also be interesting if the brutal mixed martial artist will grow up to change as well.

Because no matter how much the story tries to hide Jaekyung’s true intentions, it is clear that, at the core, he is rotten. But people can change by interacting with others and in turn, come out as better people for the sake of everyone that is around them. And those that have been on the ride since the beginning might finally get to see Jaekyung become humble.

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Jinx Chapter 22: How the Course of Story Changed

Jinx Chapter 22 had Kim Dan push Jaekyung with full force and talk sense for once. Once he saw that, he got a call from the hospital, and in the middle of the night, no less, he got worried about her grandmother. He didn’t care how much he owed to Jaekyung; if she is gone, none of it would matter.

As for Jaekyung, he was left speechless by the little display of rebellion from Kim Dan. He decided to let it be, not because he knew he would come back, but because the words Kim Dan said gave him a pause. The things that he does to Kim Dan do not hold over the value of human life.

Jinx Chapter 22
CC: Jinx Manhwa

Kim Dan rushed to the hospital as quickly as he could without getting himself any warm clothes. He was hot in anticipation of the bad news. And luck was on his side this time as his grandma made it alive. However, the nurse warned him that he should visit her more often as the patients suffering from Chemotherapy need family care.

Our physiologist promised himself that he would visit his grandmother as much as possible to take care of her. But, it was time for him to leave the hospital and rest for a while; he was exhausted for many reasons. And when he got back to the house, he fell on the couch and remained unaware of anything that happened after that.

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Jinx Chapter 22: The Moment of Respite For Kim Dan

Jinx Chapter 22 is a course that is hard to predict because the manhwa plays with the rules of the genre over and over again. Just look at the last chapter. It was the continuation of the dreadful event from before but in a moment, it became a complicated slice of life story by the end of the chapter.

It is more apt to say that this series is an amalgamation of many genres, and that works very well with the world Kim Dan lives in. Many of the stories in the BL genre are fantasies of one type or another, but this one is a tale with bad things waiting to happen with few moments of respite.

Jinx Chapter 22
CC: Jinx Manhwa

So is this a story that falsely advertises itself as BL? It’s too early to say, as the story seems to have just begun, and there is a lot of room for growth. The genre here only means where it can go, and the writer has taken it upon himself how to see how that journey will unfold in the process. 

Jinx will be available to read on Lezhin Comics. For more series like this, check out our list on Top Manhwa Similar to Cheese in the Trap.

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