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There are 100 puzzles total, and four different levels: For Elementary puzzles, you need to find the suspect, location, and weapon. For Occult Medium puzzles, the added challenge is that the murderer always lies, and the other suspects tell the truth! For Hard Boiled puzzles, you also need to find motive! And for Impossible puzzles, you have to discover all four elements and deal with the lying witness statement from the murderer. Sounds like fun! Plus, you’re also given a logic grid for each puzzle to help you solve it!

Promising review: “The puzzles are a lot of fun but the characters, story lines, and other details take the Murdle experience to another level. I have no idea how the author came up with all of this creativeness! You can Murdle solo or with friends. I look forward to future volumes but this one will keep me busy for awhile!” —Liz Gately

Promising review: “MURDLE is quite possibly the coolest and most fun I have had with logic puzzles in a while. It activates my inner J.B. Fletcher as my mind compiles the clues and sleuths out the answers. The various levels of intrigue allow the amateur sleuth in us all to develop into a top-notch arm-chair detective. I cannot think of a better way to spend a rainy, sunny, and/or any day than with a little crime-solving.” —Highly Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Get it from Amazon for $11.64.

And if (when) you end up needing more puzzles, don’t worry — Volume 2 came out in September!. You can get it for $11.75.

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