Kio Shimoku Twitter Highlights August 2023

Kio Shimoku Twitter Highlights August 2023

This month, ​​Kio mostly talks about Elden Ring. But we also get to see a high-quality version of one of the best covers he ever drew (no bias from me, clearly).

Kio thinks the Crucible Knight’s tail in Elden Ring is cute.


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After 77 hours, Kio finally got through Limgrave.

Two new web chapters of Spotted Flower.


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Even after 100 hours, Kio is having trouble in Elden Ring. In many places, he feels that he would never have been able to figure things out without strategy guides. (Forgive me for not translating this in greater detail.)


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Kio keeps seeing figures and illustrations from Elden Ring but for the most part has no idea who anyone is, seeing as he’s only played 16% of the game.


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Reflecting on his time with a much older FromSoftware game, King’s Field II, Kio recalls his experience. Despite the fact that it wasn’t really “open world,” finding out how one area of the game connects to another was very exciting.


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King’s Field III was like a road trip movie, in a good way. He got discouraged because of the Shadow Tower, and couldn’t finish it, though.


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Kio doesn’t remember the reveal about the main character and lead female character in King’s Field III.

Kio declares his interim report on Elden Ring over for now.

Someone recreated the bouncing-boobs Ohno mini bust that came with a volume of Monthly Afternoon back in the day.

Kio makes a reference to the game Great Adventure: The Miracle of Saint Elmos: “This is awful.”



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Kio has been playing Elden Ring offline, which may have impacted his enjoyment of the game.

『SAND LAND』観てきました。面白かった!

— 木尾士目@はしっこアンサンブル全8巻 (@kioshimoku1) August 23, 2023

He really enjoyed the anime adaptation of Toriyama Akira’s Sand Land. He likes how it brings back a Dr. Slump feel.

Visiting the AKIRA cel and animation gallery.

Some modeling magazine purchases alongside Armored Core 6.

There was a remix of AKIRA music playing at the gallery, and Kio wondered where it came from. Turns out that it was new arrangements done for the gallery. Kio wants a CD of it.

High-quality version of the cover to Genshiken Volume 6, as well as just the art of Ogiue. Needless to say, I love this cover and volume to death. Also check the thread to see lots of people posting their copies (and variations).