Kio Shimoku Twitter Highlights September 2023

Kio Shimoku Twitter Highlights September 2023

This month, Kio Shimoku posted more Genshiken art, and we saw the opening of Genshiken pop-up shops across Japan! Yes, there’s even Ogiue merch!

Kio had a good deal of trouble finding this Engage SR3 model kit from The Five Star Stories, but then managed to order and receive it.


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Having trouble with a turtle in Elden Ring.

More pages from Sister Wars, Kio’s genderbending The Phantom Menace parody. With that, Chapter 1 is done.


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Kio kind of wings it with the color, but thinks that the work wouldn’t be that different even in B&W. Kio likes the color palette in Star Wars in general.


Kio also uploaded Sister Wars Chapter 1 to Pixiv.


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Kio went to an Azuma Kiyohiko Yotsuba&! exhibit at the Tokiwa-sou museum.

Kio is especially flabbergasted by how Azuma managed to do this panel.


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Kio mentions that this Jedi is not to be confused with this girl from Kio’s 18+ doujinshi. However, he realizes that he might have certain preferences when the characters he came up with in 2010 and 2022 are so similar.

Ogiue and Ohno might technically fall under this category too. Kio includes an old drawing of Ohno cosplaying Leina from Queen’s Blade and asking Ogiue to cosplay as Leina’s little sister Elina. This is a voice actor joke because the original Ohno (Kawasumi Ayako) voiced Leina and the original Ogiue (Mizuhashi Kaori) voiced Elina.


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After seeing a weather report that the temperature is going to be 35 degrees C (95 degrees F) after a typhoon, Kio is reminded of a line about becoming accustomed to torture.


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It’s in the nature of manga artists to want to make efficiently beautiful manuscripts. The shorter, the better.


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Kio got through 70 pages of his eromanga manuscript, but then wasn’t sure of a certain part and ultimately decided to put in twice as much effort and drew the whole thing.




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In response to the passing of Terasawa Buichi (author of Space Adventure Cobra), Kio describes Cobra as an accumulated mass of sense. (That sense seems to mean like an artistic/aesthetic/creative sense.)

Kio buys a doujinshi by manga artist Kusada, who released it at the originals doujin event Comitia.

Kio took a lot at the author Shima Tokio’s 18+ doujinshi, and was not only surprised at a development that happens in the middle, but that Shima would have the time to draw this on top of working on a serialized manga.

Kio purchased a doujinshi by the artist Kusada called Sister vs. Chupacabra. He likes how there’s tsukkomi after tsukkomi in it.

Kio is thanked by the author Ichihara Hikari Z for preordering their manga, Seishun Libido Yama.


— 木尾士目@はしっこアンサンブル全8巻 (@kioshimoku1) September 16, 2023

Kio opened Twitter for the first time in a while. He couldn’t keep up with the timeline, so he’s decided to give up and go to bed.

Kio read a comic drawn by Nagata Reiji, a person who left being a surgeon to become a manga artist, about that very experience. Nagata was apparently also serialized in Afternoon, and Kio decided to buy one of his manga.

Kio has been meaning to tweet about the Genshiken pop-up shop at all TSUTAYA stores (that began on September 22nd) but kept forgetting to do so. (Check out the replies as well for lots of Kio thanking very excited fans.)

High-resolution art of the school swimsuit Ogiue on the limited edition Volume 6 of Genshiken. [If you’re wondering if I own it, the answer is yes.]

Kio retweeted Koume Keito’s art for Wandjina in Fate/Grand Order. (Koume was the artist on the Kujibiki Unbalance manga.)

A tweet about the start of the Genshiken pop-up shop event, with Kio retweeting and responding to various photos taken by fans of the displays, including those lamenting items being sold out.

Kio’s own purchases from the pop-up shop. He got a full Madarame set.

The title page art for Genshiken Volume 6. (I seriously love this image.)

Something about starting from Nidaime/Second Generation (I’ll admit that this is a bit vague, and I’m not sure I fully understand this).

Some Genshiken Nidaime art from the 2012 Afternoon calendar.

Sue from the title page of Genshiken Volume 7.