Man’s Polarizing Restaurant Experience Sparks Tipping Debate

Man's Polarizing Restaurant Experience Sparks Tipping Debate

Let me just start by saying this: Servers depend on tips to make a living. Automatic gratuity or not, they need tips to make ends meet. By today’s standards, at least 18% to 20% is appropriate. No, the issue here isn’t whether or not he should tip on top of the added gratuity:

“When automatic gratuity is included, you don’t tip since that IS the tip.”


“If the 18% gratuity is already included, then you don’t tip more on top of that unless service was outstanding and you really want to.”


“I don’t leave an extra tip when it has already been figured in to my bill. I see both sides. The restaurant is trying to help the servers from being stiffed a tip. But it also hurts the servers if someone may have tipped more.”


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