Men Share Reasons Why They Don’t Want to Get Married

Men Share Reasons Why They Don't Want to Get Married


“For men, marriage is like having a nice cushy corporate job with a corner office and accepting a promotion. Only, after accepting the promotion, do you find that you lose the corner office and are placed back in the bullpen. You also have to work twice as hard for half the pay.”

“Then, one must consider divorce where a man can, and most often will, lose his house and half his stuff. There is an overall divorce rate of around 60%, with about 80% of them being initiated by the wife.

Even without marrying, a man must consider the common law marriage laws of their state. Common law marriage laws were instituted as a reaction to men not wanting to marry. They give women the advantages of marriage dissolution without any of the responsibilities that come with a prior marriage. Under common law marriage, women can sue for divorce and take half of the man’s stuff. In some states, cohabitation isn’t even required for common law marriage laws to kick in.”


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