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Phones have become a part of our life, we cherish them and most importantly, we take them everywhere, even in toilets 馃槵.

With phones, come apps, tons of them and today I鈥檇 like to share 6 personal best android apps, let鈥檚 begin.

1. Simplenote
by Automattic

This is not only the best note taking app in my opinion but also my favorite app in my phone overall. With it, I can take quick notes or lists, write markdown and automatically sync notes on all my devices(cross platform).

Now you should know this is no full blown note taking app, it as the name says, it gives you a minimal and simplistic way to write, pin and group notes based on tags.

I use it to jot down ideas, to do lists, blog posts, and more.

2. Adobe Spark Post
by Adobe

I run businesses, I build brands, I manage social media accounts and more, Adobe Spark Post has been my partner for a long time, I use it when i need to design a poster or banner super quick and still make it look great.

It has so many themes that can be used to build posters and banners for every occasion, design for the web and social media. All high quality stuf unlike a few i won鈥檛 mention.

3. Bitwarden
by Bitwarden

My favorite password manager of choice, what more can i say. It鈥檚 literally the best and i recommend you switch to this if you are using LastPass because of the recent LastPass issue. Helps keep and generate passwords and secret notes.

4. **Edge **
by Microsoft Corporation

I build a lot of things and sometimes i need to edit something in a git repository or google problems and such. Edge is my browser of choice. Previously I used FireFox which is good but Edge is better in some aspects i value highly.

5. MiXplorer
by Hootan Parsa

My favorite file manager.

Here a some of the things it provides: Archiver, SMB2, Image, Tagger, Metadata and PDF

6. Office
by Microsoft Corporation

Very useful work and study tools, can open sheets, documents, presentations and even pdf

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