Mystery foot in a shoe found on New Zealand beach

Something strange is afoot off the coast of New Zealand. A beachgoer found a shoe with a disembodied foot inside at Petone Beach in Wellington, New Zealand. Of course, this reminds one of the mystery feet, almost two dozen so far, that have washed ashore in southwest British Columbia over the 15 years. From the NZ Herald:

It’s understood the situation is not being treated as a homicide.

[Detective Senior Sergeant Steve] Williamson said formal identification of the foot will take place and police will provide further details as they become available[…]

“It is very unsettling for the community, [said resident Alfred Memelink.] “We have got old ladies who live just beside us and we are quite worried now, what’s next.”

He said Petone Beach would usually be crowded in fine weather, but this afternoon it was empty.

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