Older Generations Discuss Differences with Gen Z Coworkers


“My partner, a Gen X, was recently impressed by his Gen Z coworker. His boss, a boomer, likes to move extra duties from one person to another, often playing favorites. She views it as a punishment to take duties from one person and praise her current favorite with these extra duties. The millennials feel extreme guilt to turn down this extra work even if they are swamped, and both the millennials and Gen X’ers fear repercussions if they turn it down.”

“Recently, the favorite, Gen Z, was given these extra tasks; she asked if they came with compensation, and when told no, she said, ‘No thanks’ and walked away without any guilt. Gen Z is really going to change the world. Nobody can create a toxic work environment like a boomer can. Most view their success in life as an achievement instead of being in the right place at the right time. They are bullies and should retire; they just can’t give up their control over others.”


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