Older People With Younger Coworkers Share When They Felt Old


“I work part-time at a brewery as a ‘beertender’ for extra income and free beer. I’m 45, and most of my coworkers are in their early 20s. I like all of them, but boy, did I realize quickly that I was out of touch with today’s slang! We were trying a new beer, and my coworker was like, ‘Damn, this really slaps.’ That was followed by someone else who said, ‘No cap.’ I stood there so confused about what these guys said. Since then, though, my coworkers have taught me all about the new lingo.”


“A coworker and I were talking, and they said, ‘Say less.’ I replied, ‘Oh…okay.’ And I walked away, so confused. I definitely had to Google what that meant.”


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