Olivia Cooke Hated Viral Negroni Sbagliato Video With Emma D’Arcy

Ahead of the show’s Season 2 premiere, the star made it clear that she has been much more aware during the promo tour this time around — and that she refuses to do TikTok videos.

“It’s just sad how you work for eight months and it fucking gets reduced to a fucking TikTok, and that makes me sad,” she said. 

“We were just trying to make each other laugh,” Olivia went on. “There’s no rhyme or reason to it. I did hate it for a very long time. I was in the pub, a woman opened the door for me, and she said with a thick Spanish accent: ‘Stunnin’!’ I was just like, Oh my God. Over a decade’s worth of work reduced to a single word in my lexicon.”

Meanwhile, Emma told the same publication: “I don’t have anything illuminating to say on it because it’s very hard to know how to react when you become a meme.”

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