Parents And Teachers Share The Biggest Issues Kids Face In 2024


“I am a millennial (born in ‘90), and I simply didn’t know that choosing NOT to do an assignment in school was an option. The amount of kids who simply don’t complete work, then act confused or astounded when I put accurate grades in my grade book—it’s astounding. Of course, admin makes me put in at least 50% so that their grades aren’t ‘completely ruined’ by their lack of produced work. “

“Even the kids who turn in work, they expect an A+ on every assignment. When I grade work for accuracy and mastery of standards, they get very upset if they score a B. I was raised to believe that As and Bs were good grades. These kids think a B is failing. Yet they don’t understand that they are being graded on their ability to demonstrate certain skills—not just submit an assignment.”


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