People Are Sharing Outdated Dating Habits


“This might be cliché, but for me personally, it’s waiting for a man to ask me out first, waiting for the man to propose first, and the notion a woman will always be inferior to a man. I grew up with baby boomer parents who abided by the traditional ‘the man should make the first move and it’s the woman’s job to look attractive enough to be asked out’ rule and it worked out for them. They’ve been married for 40 years, but I didn’t see the reason why I had to keep that awful mindset.”

“When I met my husband, I immediately felt our connection and I asked him out first. Then, after three months of dating (two months in person and one month long distance), I asked him to marry me through a text. Surprisingly, without hesitation, he said yes! I asked through a text because I have a lot of anxiety and my preferred method is texting because I can’t hear very well, and not hearing clearly just makes the anxiety so much worse. Anyway, I flew him to my home state and we got married at the courthouse. Six years and counting. We are so happy together and I can’t imagine life without him. We both strive to make sure we are equals in the relationship. I’m just so glad that in this day and age this is not only becoming more and more accepted, but expected.”


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