People Revealed Kinks That Made Their Sex Lives 100% More Intriguing, And I Am Hot And Bothered

People Revealed Kinks That Made Their Sex Lives 100% More Intriguing, And I Am Hot And Bothered

Reddit user u/less_thannormal asked the community: “What kink are you into, and when/how did you discover that you were into it?”

Welp, fortunately for the internet, folks didn’t hold *anything* back. They revealed some kinky sexual acts they never tried before, but once they did…whew, baby!!!

So, here are some naughty kinks folks tried out that turned their worlds upside down:

Note: These submissions don’t reflect a universal experience of kinks people enjoy while having sex. Everyone’s story is different. 

1. “I like possessive neck-holding (not choking). I found that out with a FWB who did it so gently until I rolled over and then he grabbed me and held me tighter. He was a nice weighted blanket, and I realized I wanted more of that feeling.”


2. “I LOVE loud, shameless male moaning. Like when they get so into it and they feel so good and they just can’t help it. I also love male whimpering, especially when it’s really intimate and they hold you close and whimper in your ear. That kind of stuff just makes me MELT. I discovered I’m an audiophile by coming across a REALLY GOOD audio porn account on Pornhub.”


“Omg, this. I recently started sleeping with this guy and he just sounds hot AF when we’re going at it — it literally makes everything 100x better.”


3. “Being bitten. A girl I was dating in high school bit me on the ear as a joke, but I got turned on instantly. Don’t know why, don’t care, but I love it to this day (lips, neck, ears, and shaft if she’s not biting too hard).”


4. “‘Free-use’ sex (just talking normally while pleasuring each other). One time my girlfriend and I were doing it missionary-style when she suddenly received a call that she had to take (family stuff). While she was talking, I still continued penetrating her and it was then I realized how I love it when she didn’t show me any reaction to me fucking her as she continued her routine stuff (talking on the phone). Fast forward and nowadays we usually do it while talking about routine stuff (like our day or random gossips with no grunts or moans).”


“Yep. My first boyfriend had to take a call from someone while he was with me, and he started fingering me. Such a baller move on his part — he didn’t know it’d spark me.”


5. “There’s something about public sex that hits different. Like, I’m not talking about doing it where people can obviously see you — but off to the side where you can still get caught by a passerby. You’re hidden enough to where you’re not gonna be arrested for public indecency and registered as a sex offender. There’s something about the outside air that gives it a more energetic feel that spices things up just right — nature meets nature.”


6. “Being pinned-down by a girl. As a Latino kid, we’d go to BBQs on the weekends, and the boys would wrestle each other. I noticed some of the girls wanted to play with us, but were reluctant since they weren’t encouraged to do things that weren’t stereotypically ‘girly.’ I’d tease them playfully, trying to show them they could join in if they wanted to. I made sure to let them win the first couple times so they’d be encouraged to play with everyone else. Over time it became a niche form of affection I’d seek with a S.O. Like…it empowers the other person, but it also makes me feel protective of her and needed. I guess my favorite part is when I don’t necessarily ‘let them win,’ but when they initiate a play-fight and pin me all on their own fair and square. Laughs and cuddles ensue.”


7. “Being tied up. I was a very small child and Robin Hood (1973) was on TV. Maid Marian (Robin Hood’s love interest) was tied to an old-school water mill while it turned and dunked her under the water. I didn’t know why, but I enjoyed her pain??? Fucking weird for a kid. I didn’t understand it until as an adult — I enjoy ‘mild torture’ as a form of domination, especially being tied up.”


“That movie awoke something in a lot of people.”


8. “Getting my face sat on. And no, I don’t mean hovered over — I mean SAT on. Smother me with your ass, ladies.”


9. “I get a massive rush from making a woman orgasm, preferably with my hands and fingers (or my mouth or both, and with my dick). I’m absolutely in heaven if she squirts, too. I’ve been this way since around 20. My girlfriend at the time (eventually ex-wife) was crying after I had made her cum for the first time (in her life it turned out!). I was a little freaked out with the tears, and asked what was wrong? ‘I have never done that before…’ Well, she spent the next 16 years screaming the house down and I’d feel 10 feet tall and hard as a rock afterwards.”


10. “Grinding, frottage, butt-jobs — basically everything except actual penetration. My college girlfriend and I got really creative about not having condoms.”


11. “I recently discovered the joy of impact play. Nothing makes me drip more than having my vagina slapped hard. I found I don’t like being slapped on my butt, but while I was on my knees, I was accidentally hit lower and it was amazing. So I asked for it harder and harder. The indirect pressure feels like it goes straight to my clitoris — there are other objects people use, but I personally don’t find it necessary. A hard, open hand has the best aim and feeling to me. I thought it was only a book fantasy that I could be dripping down my leg.”


12. “Cuckquean. I recently discovered that as I discover more about my own sexuality. Watching my man with another woman would be so 🔥🥵.”


13. “Being called ‘daddy’. I was 27 and never even thought about it, but a girl I hooked up with called me that unprovoked during the act and it just clicked. My current girlfriend is 14 years older than me, but it still works like a charm.”


14. “When she claws my butt cheeks with her long nails. We were doing 69 for the first time, and I just couldn’t get off (considering I already came three times earlier in the night). After about six or seven minutes of going at it, she started to orgasm, and she squeezed my ass with her nails as a reaction. I came almost immediately. So now she knows how to make me finish quicker if she wants.”


15. “Doing doggy-style with married women who are in unhappy marriages, and who really hate their husbands. It’s been like that for almost 16 years.”


16. “One time I gave my girl a massage and then rubbed her feet — I always appreciated it if a girl had nice feet, which she did. Then she just started rubbing them on me and now I like foot-jobs. Like, I wouldn’t suck toes or anything (or just stare at feet and get hard), but I like foot-jobs now.”


17. “A guy showed me a collar and leash, I got curious and let him put it on me. One tug and I realized how much I love wearing a collar and leash. The domination, the feeling of being ‘owned,’ calling people master, etc. all came from a simple collar and leash.”


18. “Tickling. I was always really fascinated with tickling scenes in TV shows, movies, [and books] when I was a kid. I remember always searching through the Where’s Waldo? books because there was always an illustration of a character being tickled somewhere. Strange how it wasn’t sexual for me then, just an interest that I had enough awareness not to tell anyone about. When I was a teenager and discovered proper tickling porn, it all just clicked into place. I had my first orgasm without needing to even touch myself by watching video after video. I remember going: ‘Wow, what was THAT.'”


19. “Suits and formal wear (wearing one myself and/or having fun with handsome men dressed up). It’s a massive turn on! I found out while browsing porn and stumbling across Men at Play — I haven’t recovered from that.”


20. “Being married — nothing is hotter to me than the concept and the word ‘wife.’ The intimacy, honesty, bonding, and vulnerability of our relationship has driven sexual pleasure off the charts. She just walks into the room and all the erogenous zones begin to tingle. She steps out of the shower and my erection appears so instantly I swear there’s an audible ‘boing!’ We’re grandparents now, so we’ve been married a long time, and my hunger and thirst for her is stronger now than ever.”


21. And finally: “Pegging. In my twenties I had a girlfriend who was into anal play (this was the ’90s, so it was kind of unheard of for me). But I’ve always been up for trying things. I eventually graduated to plugs and then years later, I had a partner who wanted to try pegging. I can still remember going into the adult toy shop together to buy a pegging kit — I was slightly embarrassed and nervous, but very excited. The sales assistant was great.”


Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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