People Share Their Experiences With The “Fun” Parent

People Share Their Experiences With The "Fun" Parent


“My parents were and still are super lenient. My mom says to this day that she and my dad wouldn’t change a thing, as it taught us to trust our guts and how important overall trust is, as well as how important it is to keep someone else’s. Because of that, I feel my two siblings and I lead decent lives compared to other people in our small town.”

“We had fun and were stupid teenagers, but we always respected our parents’ wishes to be safe and use our heads. My dad is a second-generation Italian, so as I got older, it was a little more strict, but we never had a curfew, never got grounded, and just had our monthly check-ins for our attitudes or something silly like grades. We certainly weren’t spoiled, but I still sort of brag sometimes about how cool they were (and still are) when I was a kid. It helped me to learn how important trust and respect are, as there are no two people I respect and trust more.”


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