People Share Their Wild, Straight Out Of A Movie Experiences

People Share Their Wild, Straight Out Of A Movie Experiences


“I lived in a small, quiet town and my house was in a cul-de-sac, so all the neighbors knew each other and we all got along well. One night when I was about 12 years old, I was babysitting my baby brothers (twins). It was bedtime, so we were laying in my mom’s bed watching a movie to wind down. Suddenly, they both start whining that they wanted chocolate milk. I was super annoyed, because I just wanted them to go to sleep so I could be ‘off the clock,’ so to speak. Just as we walked through the doorway and out of the bedroom, I heard what sounded like firecrackers going off in the bedroom we just left. I peeked my head back in the doorway and heard a couple more.”

“It sounded like it was coming from the closet, which was about a foot away from me at this point. I called my mom and told her what happened and that I was scared. We didn’t go back in the room until she got home.

Once she was back, we discovered several bullet holes throughout the bedroom — in the walls, in the closet door, and one in the corner of the TV. So, we called the cops. They figured out that our neighbor had been doing some target practice in his garage (and drinking), and his garage wall faced our house, so the bullets entered my mom’s bedroom through the wall, just a few inches above her bed, which had no headboard. AKA, right where our heads had been while we were lying there watching the movie.

If those little buttheads hadn’t bothered me for chocolate milk at that exact moment, things could have been very different.”


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