People Who Got Rich Later In Life Share How Life Changed


“I grew up in what was considered upper middle class. Most of my classmates were in similar or better financial situations. My dad started to make a lot more money in my late teens/early 20s. He was living in California, and I lived at his house while I was in school. His house at the time was in a small and exclusive gated neighborhood in Orange County. (He has since downsized in square footage and upgraded in location. *Insert eye roll here.*) I was looking at a house that recently went up for sale in the neighborhood during a break because I’m nosy. My classmate, who I considered a friend, looked over and asked what I was looking at. I explained and she said, ‘So, you’re rich?'”

“I was dumbfounded and said, ‘No, my dad has money now, but I don’t consider myself rich. I have definitely had privileges that most don’t, but I pay my bills with my minimum wage job while in school just like you.’ She started ignoring me and refused to engage in any conversation with me after that, which was hard because we were in a class of 20 students per graduation class. She learned one new thing about me and decided that everything else was irrelevant after multiple months of friendship. I know I sound like a typical rich kid who says, ‘I’m not rich, my parents are,’ but I was raised by my mother who is a teacher. My dad and the majority of his salary went to his family on the side. I don’t have free access to any of my father’s money, and if I borrow from him, he expects it back.”

—30, Georgia

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