Reaction To Barbie Oscars Snubs Branded “Epitome Of White Feminism”

Reaction To Barbie Oscars Snubs Branded "Epitome Of White Feminism"

Lily’s character Mollie in Killers of the Flower Moon escapes the brutal murders of the Osage Nation tribe, and Sandra Hüller is nominated for Anatomy of a Fall, where she plays Sandra — who stands accused of murdering her husband by pushing him out of a window.

Posting a screenshot of the article to X, formerly known as Twitter, one person wrote: “Love to do a feminism by throwing other women under the bus.”

“I didn’t even realize at first that ‘barely survived becoming the next victim of a mass murder plot’ was actually shade at Lily Gladstone’s nomination. Cause that’s SO CRAZY. You’re minimizing the genocide of Native Americans? Over BARBIE nominations?” somebody else tweeted

“The Barbie discourse is already insufferable,” another added. “I saw the film 7 times in theaters. I love it. But using feminist rhetoric to diminish the accomplishments of other women who were nominated is not it. All you’re doing is making Barbie this season’s villain.”

In addition to Emma, Lily, and Sandra, Carey Mulligan and Annette Bening have been nominated in this year’s Best Actress category for their respective performances in Maestro and Nyad.

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