Reactions To Reesa Teesa’s Who The F– Did I Marry TikTok Series

Reactions To Reesa Teesa's Who The F– Did I Marry TikTok Series

Opening up about her experience, which she jokingly calls “The United Nations of Red Flags,” Reesa shares how she and her ex-husband met after matching on two dating apps. The two connected over a phone call during which her ex-husband, given the pseudonym Legion, said he was a former arena football player who recently began working as a regional manager at a popular condiment company in Georgia.

Also in his background, Legion purportedly told Reesa he attended college in California; his father was a police officer; his mother was a former teacher; he has two bothers, two sisters, and two half brothers on his father’s side.

His arrival in Georgia, he says, was prompted by the benefits of his new job, which offered to help pay for housing and would later “cover the cost” of a BMW as a company car following a Vice President promotion. 

All of this, viewers would find out by the end of Reesa’s story, was a lie. 

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