Taylor Swift Fan Theories For “Tortured Poets Department” Tracklist

While the inspiration behind “Down Bad” remains up in the air, the same can definitely not be said for The Tortured Poets Department’s fifth track, which has a very explicit reference to Joe.

As I’m sure you are aware, Taylor previously released a love song called “London Boy” that was inspired by her relationship with Joe, with Taylor even relocating to England’s capital during their relationship and spending the vast majority of the COVID-19 lockdown there. 

She recently reflected on moving to a “foreign country” during a pivotal time in her life in an interview with Time magazine, and if this song title is anything to go by, she is officially washing her hands off the city that she once called home.

One fan noted that the album’s release date even ties into this concept, with the American Revolution — which led to America’s independence from the United Kingdom — starting on April 19, 1775. 

Meanwhile, the fact that “So Long, London” is the fifth track on the album is not lost on fans, with the song that takes this place on all of Taylor’s releases being known for having a very specific meaning that exposes Taylor at her most vulnerable.

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