Teachers Express Frustration Over Parenting Others’ Kids

Teachers Express Frustration Over Parenting Others' Kids


“I work as a teacher assistant and work with students in first through fourth grade. Every day. Every day we parent, whether it is because the child has no stable home life (50% do not), whether it is the fact kids have never been taught mutual respect or manners, whether it is because they are struggling with confidence or acceptance, whether it is because they do not know how to communicate with others because they have not been taught, the list goes on. I am a mother to two of my own, but I have made lasting connections with so many kids over the past few months.”

“It is hard to be a good parent, but it seems like half of the people out there can’t be bothered to give their own kids love, guidance, or help emotionally or academically. It’s so sad, but I know when I’m there that I make sure they all know I’m there, and with me and the other teachers at school, they are loved, listened to, and respected. Our kids deserve better. Things like addicted parents, foster care, CPS, and not having basics like clothing or food are an everyday occurrence for so many more kids than people realize. These kids need so much more than just basic education, but they struggle through no fault of their own but their parents.”


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