The Menu Items Chefs Won’t Order When They Eat At A Restaurant

The Menu Items Chefs Won't Order When They Eat At A Restaurant

Most restaurant menus will have a selection of salads as a starter or entree. They can be a great choice for people looking for vegetarian options (assuming it’s sans meat) or want a healthier option (though if it’s loaded with dressing and bacon, it’s not always “healthy”). Often, salads have a high price tag.

“When you go to a restaurant and just want some leafy greens and vegetables, and they’re charging you $14-16 for a bunch of Sysco pre-cut tasteless carrots and pre-cooked chicken, it’s ridiculous,” Hennessey said. “But the market will allow that.” 

Sometimes, he finds the quality and size are worth the price, but there can be another drawback for him — if the portion size is too big. “I either can’t eat the whole thing, thus wasting food, or I can’t eat my entree,” he said.  

Swasdikiati agrees that salads are overpriced. “Rarely am I ever impressed with restaurant salads, and often leave thinking, ‘I paid $15 for this; I could have made it in two seconds for much less than that.’” She specifically mentions the Caesar salad is a classic choice but finds it’s overpriced. “You can make a Caesar salad at home with romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan, and dressing for a fraction of the cost at a restaurant.”

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